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We develop and operate water infrastructure for a variety of industries to serve substantial water consumption needs in markets with expensive water rates and scarce resources.


We buy existing alternative water systems from motivated sellers, make any necessary infrastructure improvements, then continue operating those systems to deliver alternative water that costs much less.

Infrastructure as a Service

We serve owners and managers of infrastructure systems by optimizing the performance of the system by deploying our capital for system upgrades, then we manage the performance of their system.


Gallons of Freshwater Saved


Years of experience


Sustainable Projects


Strategic Partnerships

Who We Are

We are a revolutionary water infrastructure development and asset management company established in 2018. Our mission is to create economic and sustainable outcomes through effective water stewardship.


We invest our capital to design and construct cutting edge water supply systems that substantially reduce our clients’ costs by delivering low-cost alternative water instead of resource strained potable water, then we maintain those systems for our clients.


We evaluate a variety of alternative water infrastructure opportunities that enable us to hold true to our values and that offer a variety of positive outcomes for all stakeholders, especially our clients. With the help of our partners, we design holistic systems that integrate alternative sources of water and/or deploy smart technology and controls to meet and exceed the needs through the life cycle of each water system.


We feel a deep responsibility to be stewards of the land and its associated resources, especially water. Supplying alternative water and/or deploying best in class technology to manage water usage is not what makes us unique. What makes us unique is that we hold strategic partnerships and provide 100% of the capital required for projects. Our clients realize many benefits by allowing Maverick to make large investments in new infrastructure, pay for all capital, operational, and maintenance costs along with managing the day-to-day operations of these systems.


Maverick’s systematic approach to deploy capital for water projects that provide economic and sustainable uplift for our stakeholders.


Economic benefit calculated by measuring water usage and optimizing water quality to be fit for purpose.


Perform an assessment on the specific location to understand current water infrastructure need and usage.


Choose the best solution to maximize savings working within current operations and without reducing quality.


Underwrite the technology and/or infrastructure costs prescribed and provide all necessary funding.


Install, manage and measure prescribed technology and/or infrastructure on a project (location-by-location) basis.


Quantify savings achieved based on historical usage, historical costs, indexed price and/or split savings.


Executive Vice President


Ben is involved in all areas of the business including business development, investment underwriting, strategy, financial planning, and corporate governance while leading the finance and accounting function. Prior to joining Maverick, Ben was an Associate for an upstream Oil & Gas company with assets in the Gulf of Mexico based in Houston, where he was involved in a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions, financial planning, corporate strategy, and operational excellence projects. Earlier in his career, Ben was a Management Consultant where he focused on serving clients across the upstream oil and gas, midstream and oilfield sectors. Ben graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a M.S. in Finance and a B.B.A. in Accounting, and he is a licensed CPA in the State of Texas. Ben is a native Texan and an avid outdoorsman.

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President & CEO


Dustin joined Maverick in January 2022. Dustin is a strategic and results-based servant leader with operations management experience in the water industry. Areas of emphasis include infrastructure, water treatment, groundwater, sustainability, and natural resources. Before joining Maverick, Dustin led water management efforts for one of the largest publicly traded crude oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in the United States. In that role, he served as the strategic, technical and operations lead for all operating basins as it pertained to water management activities in addition to duties with investor relations and sustainability reporting. Prior to that, Dustin held roles with the federal government, a membership organization, and a water works business. Dustin proudly hails from Livingston, Texas and holds a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Rice University. Dustin embraces moments to golf, ranch, fish, hunt and contributes to various ministries. Yet, his ultimate source of joy lies in being a devoted father to two remarkable girls and sharing life’s journey with his beloved wife.

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Vice President of Operations


Jedd leads Maverick’s operations and engineering team. Before joining Maverick, he served as Director of Gas Processing and Treating responsible for multiple cross-functional teams including estimating, designing, and executing projects for customers globally. Jedd’s work experience has included detailed engineering, project engineering, project management, field engineering, construction support, and supporting detailed process design. Jedd has executed projects valued over $250 million while helping develop and implement company strategy. Jedd is a veteran who served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps piloting Super Cobra Helicopters while leading operation and maintenance teams. Jedd holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA from Rice University. Jedd enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons participating in outdoor activities and traveling.

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Vice President of Commercial


Wes leads Maverick’s commercial and business development efforts. Wes has held prior roles in supply chain management, business development, and legal services, and has a strong reputation for implementing high-value objectives for his employers over the years. Prior to joining Maverick, Wes spent ten years with a Fortune 100 Oil & Gas company and one of the largest midstream energy providers in United States. In that role, he served as lead for all contract management and compliance, with category responsibility for thousands of material and supply agreements. Wes graduated with honors from Texas A&M University with a M.A. in Communication and is happiest spending time with his wife, Sheridan, and their two young children. Wes is a native Texan, an enthusiastic hockey player, a long-time volunteer at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and our resident trivia expert.

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Engineering Manager


Clifton is involved in operations, design and engineering. Prior to joining Maverick, Clifton has worked as an Engineer in the Manufacturing and Oil & Gas industries serving in roles that include project management, production engineering, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, and produced water management. Clifton received a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a proud husband & father. When not working with Maverick or spending time with family, Clifton enjoys the outdoors, off-roading, and designing products that facilitate the outdoor experience.

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Senior Corporate Development Associate


Caleb is involved in the finance, accounting, and operations functions of the business. Prior to joining Maverick, Caleb was a Management Consultant where he primarily served clients across the Energy sectors including upstream Oil & Gas, renewable construction and development, and biomass. There he focused on operational and financial improvement, mergers and acquisitions, business strategy, and project management. Caleb graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in Finance and is passionate about aviation, running, the outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

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General Counsel


Auggie brings over 15 years of water-industry experience as an attorney and advocate, serving as Maverick’s General Counsel.

Prior to joining Maverick, Auggie founded and managed Campbell Legal, representing clients, including Maverick, on issues ranging from state permitting to sustainable development. Between 2015 and 2022, Auggie ran a regional association and then a state-wide association, successfully advocating for better infrastructure, funding, policy, and planning. He served as the Assistant City Attorney at the City of Houston from 2008 to 2015, responsible for the City’s public works construction and water transactions. This included a $1.8 billion water plant-expansion financing agreement and the associated design-build contract.

Campbell is an OIF Veteran (2006-07) and serves on Harris-Galveston Subsidence District Board and on the Region 6 San Jacinto Regional Flood Planning Group. Auggie grew up in West Texas, attended Texas Tech School of Law, enjoys running, the outdoors, and spending time with his family.

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Director, IT-OT Solutions


Dean is involved with information systems & operational technologies and joined the team in January 2024. Prior to Maverick, Dean spent twelve years working in multiple top-producing divisions for an industry-leading upstream Oil & Gas operator where he held roles in software development, SCADA (supervisory control & data acquisition), and as a division manager over industrial measurement, automation, and control systems. Dean graduated from Texas State University with a B.A. in Communications, and frequently finds himself wandering back to the waters of the San Marcos River. Dean was born in Dubai, UAE and moved to Texas in 1999 without looking back. Dean loves spending time with his family above all else, but is passionate about competitive fencing, pro football, and live music.

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Project Manager


Matthew is involved in Maverick’s operations through construction and project management. Prior to joining Maverick, Matthew gainedmultiple years of experience in commercial construction general contracting where his clients ranged from private commercial real estate companies to the top public healthcare providers in the nation. Specifically, Matthew worked on private class A office buildings, parking garages, sports orthopedic facilities, and cutting-edge procedure/operating rooms amongst many others. Matthew excels in both office functions and field activities and enjoys coordinating with all types of project personnel. Matthew is a native Houstonian and holds a B.S. in Construction Science from Texas A&M University with a minor in Business Administration. While also being a loving husband and father, he enjoys golfing, weightlifting, fishing, and spending quality time with loved ones.

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